"Bravo Palimpsest, for a terrific revival of 'The Muse' at Leighton House. Might be sold out, but worth checking."

Dave Calhoun, Global head of film, Time Out.

"I could watch it over and over again. Such a beautiful piece."

"An absolutely unique experience"

"Great play!"

"Superb performance".

"Beautifully acted, moving and thought provoking play. And the setting is perfect".

"I am devastated it is all sold out."

"A really special evening in every way".

"Thoroughly enjoyed'The Muse', another inventive, enjoyable and fascinating play from Palimpsest. Leighton House and its past materialized."

"A mind blown reaction after your spectacular performance. We got all the Art History and context references. Thank You."

"It was wonderful- deeply moving".

"Terrific performance by Palimpsest and music arrangements by the super talented composer John Chambers. All nights sold out."