Beauty. Nudity. Ambition. The rise and fall of fame.

Palimpsest's most recent production was the world premiere of The Muse at Leighton House Museum in March 2015. It sold out before we opened. Exploring the relationship between Lord Leighton and his model, muse and confidante, Dorothy Dene, The Muse fuses theatre, film and online elements. The play begins with a drinks soirée ranging through the glorious salons of Leighton's palace of art and culminates in the artist's studio where Dorothy posed nude in 1886.

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Our first production, Hedda, was a new adaptation of Ibsen's Hedda Gabler, told in one hour and fifteen minutes by a company of RSC / NT actors and award-winning director, Patrick Sandford.

Following an acclaimed three night run at Burgh House in the Autumn of 2013, Hedda completed an extensive tour of beautiful houses in & around London in Spring 2014, including Leighton House, Kenwood House, Fulham Palace, Dr. Johnson's House and The Foundling Museum.

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Read Hedda's London diary (1889-1891) here.